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Necessary for Moms

Welcome Beautiful! I am Stephanie Hope Dodd

Author of Good Baby, Bad Sleeper & Creator of Heart Centered Sleep Solutions


My goal is for families to get the sleep they need to be healthy and to have healthy relationships – in a way that supports each individual’s needs and feels good. 

Heart Centered Sleep Solutions 
is the premier sleep mentorship package.


What if you could gift your bad sleeper the tools and skills to fall asleep and sleep longer stretches in a way that feels good and provides long lasting results?

What would you do with your time when you reclaim those precious nighttime hours?

I’m willing to bet your child truly wants to sleep, but there are challenges – unique to your family – standing in the way.

This is why a one plan fits all isn’t really a fit for your family.

When you create a plan that fits within your family dynamic and feels good, that’s when sleep becomes a benefit of skills taught with love, honor, and respect.

I provide families with the tools and together we create the plan that creates safety at bedtime- the benefit is sleep. 

Maybe you’re dealing with more than one child and unsure how to find the balance


It’s possible your child used to sleep well and when it changed, you found yourself a bit lost as to the next steps


Aren’t sure if their child’s sleep is normal for their age and if there’s a true need for increased sleep quanitity and quality, how to get there

One place to start is to define your child’s sleep personality. It’s obvious your child has a personality different from other children. Hopefully it makes sense that your child may have a sleep personality different from others, too. And that means that what works for your best friend, may not actually work best for you. 

From there you have a choice. You may choose to use this knowledge and continue pouring over the information on the internet on what your child should be doing


You can work with someone (that’s me!) who truly get’s it. When you are ready to seek support – so you are fully confident on your path to sleep, have one consistenct source to go to quith your questions – all day, everyday – and a plan that not only feels good, but is unique to your family – then let’s talk! Fill out this form below and I’ll reach out to schedule a time that we can connect.

I have your child’s best intentions at heart. I only offer suggestions that I would use with my kids. That means no gates, no CIO, and no leaving your child alone to figure it out. 

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